Snapchat Responsibility

Seeing a functioning payphone anywhere today is basically as rare as seeing a unicorn. Ways of communication have evolved so rapidly that some of the most important conversations now happen through pictures that last no longer than 10 seconds. Almost every form of social media has been wrapped up into one of the now most popular “apps”, Snapchat. Its icon, the little yellow and white ghost has become the voice of a generation and its demise.

Firstly lets explain how Snapchat works. There are pictures that can be edited, written and drawn on that are sent to as many people as you decide for up to 10 seconds. Then, there are videos which can be no longer than 30 seconds and once they have been viewed they disappear. However, there is an option to add these pictures or videos to your “story” for which they can be viewed by anyone as many times as they please for 24 hours. This is very attractive to many people, specifically young, impressionable and persuadable females. In the beginning they thought that any photos, mainly their scandalous ones would be lost forever to cyberspace once that 10 seconds ended. Eventually, it was made known that there is an ability to “screen shot” photos; meaning they are not gone, they are completely there and ready for that dude to send them off to everyone.

According to the “percentage of women that are Snapchat users: roughly 70%”. The remaining 30%, with an educated guess are most likely morally lacking dudes urging girls to send juicy photos swearing they won’t keep them.

Photos that are sent on any form of social media, regardless if they are actually posted somewhere can have serious repercussions for school, employment and many more things. Social media is the best seducer there ever was, it completely encourages people to be more open with their personal lives. As states, “while at one moment a photo of friends doing shots at a party may seem harmless, the image may appear less attractive in the context of an employer doing a background check”. Even though there are privacy settings and blocking people, nothing is ever truly hidden if someone wants to find it.

As it seems now for all generations that are or once were in the young adult years, there appears to be no immediate consequence for their actions. Unfortunately, in this modern era, every single poor decision is immortalized on some form of social media. There needs to be a new found sense of responsibility for not only Snapchat but for all mediums. Because your livelihood my depend on it.



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